First Dive ? Try Scuba Diving in Paris

Why do I do a first Dive in Paris ?


You have been wondering what"s like to breathe underwater ...

But you do not know how to approach it...

You have a planned trip, and you would like to begin scuba diving ? Let‘s begin with us in a swimming pool in Paris.

Our scuba instructor will spend little time with you to explain the basic principles of scuba diving and give you an overview of your scuba gear and share with you the pleasure of diving !


You will discover how scuba diving is fun, cool and easy !

 And discover the feeling to evolve freely underwater in three dimensions as well as the basics of scuba diving.

Delighted by this first contact, we are sure you would not resist to go on this experiment and enroll for the first level of scuba diver training. Easy way to begin!

How does it run ?

Of course you can come alone or with friends, we will agree to an appointment in a diving pool in Paris.

After a short briefing, your private instructor will make you to enjoy scuba diving and discover the pleasure to move weightlessly in the mere silence of your breathing, all in water at 30 °.

If you wish, we will extend your first contact with scuba diving by a presentation of the scuba diving equipment and an introduction to the basics of diving through underwater games.


  • 85 € for one person.
  • 70 € per person from 2 people booking together.