Dry Suit Diver course Paris

What for ?

You just bought a dry suit or you intend to do so ?

Diving in a dry suit is not really a challenge , you just need a special training and some relevant information :

  • How to choose the suit (trilaminate or neoprene) ;
  • Kind of wrists, neoprene or latex rubber ;
  • Dry suit special servicing.
  • and more ...

And of course we will teach you how to add air as you descend or release it as you come up and how to accommodate the pressure change as simply as possible.


After a theoretical training depending on the kind of dry suit you have got, you will go to dive pool for practicing supervised by an instructor.
Step by step you will feel more and more comfortable and you will move more and more easily.


  • 155 € for a one to one course.
  • 120 €  per person from 2 people booking together.